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Optimum Group™ Belona produces labels and packaging solutions for your logistics systems, enabling you to work quickly and efficiently. As a leading company in the sustainable packaging industry, environmental protection is particularly important to us. With us as your partner, you can be sure that your packaging and labels are produced not only quickly and efficiently, but also in an environmentally friendly way.

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Solutions for Transport & Logistics

We are your partner for customised solutions that simplify your production processes. Our thinner labels offer flexibility and are ideal for companies selling their products internationally. The labels are not only cost-effective, but also environmentally friendly, as they are thin and light and produce less waste. With their excellent print quality, they are perfect for use in printers and labelling machines, improving the efficiency and productivity of your operations.

We realise that every package has to overcome many challenges on its way to its destination. That is why we offer you the perfect solution for every stage of the logistics process. Our eco-friendly packaging and labels ensure safe and efficient delivery of your products. Our solutions allow for more labels per roll and fewer roll changes to increase your efficiency. At the same time, you remain environmentally conscious and opt for sustainable solutions.

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Our supply chain is perfectly tailored to our customers' needs. We ensure that you always have sufficient packaging and labels to keep your business running without interruption. We plan ahead and make sure we always have sufficient stock. However, when things need to move quickly, you can count on us - we are always ready to respond quickly and supply you with the products you need.

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