Sustainable labelling is now more of an obligation for companies than ever. It is important that glass can be reused, for example, but the label often does not let go. We are pioneers in sustainable production and use green materials in every industry. We help you save material and offer washable labels to reduce the use of disposables.

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Sustainable printing and green materials

Sustainable labels from Optimum Group™ Belona allow you to work more efficiently and environmentally consciously. Our labels are made of thin base material and eco-friendly ink, allowing more labels on a roll. That means fewer roll changes and therefore a quarter less waste. We help you work more sustainably while offering you a high-quality solution.

At Optimum Group™Belona, we like to think along with you when it comes to sustainable packaging solutions. Do you have specific customer requirements or a specific market demand? We analyse and test various options to find the best solution for your product. For example, how about Linerless labels without the familiar backing or labels with washable glue to reuse the product? We work on innovative and sustainable packaging solutions to reduce environmental impact and meet your needs.

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Do you want to use sustainable products in your industry? We have been committed to sustainability for years and can help you meet your requirements. For example, we produce Linerless carrierless labels and significantly reduce packaging waste.

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We are happy to help you make your products as environmentally friendly as possible. With our experience in sustainable production, we can help you save storage space, reduce waste and cut transport costs.

Sustainability is very important to us and is part of our responsibility. We have integrated sustainability into our processes and it is part of our CSR policy. One of the results of our sustainability initiatives is the Optimum Group™ Liner Recycling Programme, also known as Greenliner. We support our customers in recycling the carrier material of the labels we supply to collectively contribute to saving our environment.

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Create a green cover

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Our growing range of sustainable labels is an important contribution to promoting sustainable business practices. In the Optimum Green™ portfolio, you will find the perfect solution to suit your CSR policy. Together, we work in a structured and sustainable way towards a better future. Take the first step towards greater sustainability with us.

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Find out more about our thoughts and plans and be inspired to join us in creating a better world. In every decision we make, we pay attention to a balanced consideration of environment, economy and society. As a pioneer in climate protection, we are committed to a sustainable future.

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Focus on planet,

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For years, we have been at the forefront of CSR policies and the development of sustainable products. Together with you, we promote sustainability. We demonstrate our social commitment at local, regional and national level. We support charities locally, such as the charity run for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. At national level, we are committed to Club Groeneveld, a network of progressive leaders of large organisations, in support of the Forestry Commission.

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