Sustainability is becoming increasingly important, also in the field of labels. Many customers today not only want high-quality products, but also products produced in an environmentally friendly way. We are committed to sustainable printing techniques and green materials for every industry. For example, our labels are washable and enable the reuse of glass packaging. In addition, we save materials to protect the environment.

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Sustainable printing and green materials

Benefit from an eco-friendly solution with more labels per roll, fewer roll changes and a quarter less waste. Optimum Group™ Belona supports you in sustainability in every sector.

Create a green cover

with our liner recycling programme

Thanks to our sustainable products, you too can contribute to sustainable business. Discover our growing range of eco-friendly labels. With the products from our Optimum Green™ portfolio, you will always find the right solution that fits in perfectly with your CSR policy. Together, we are structurally and sustainably committed to a greener future.

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Explore our ideas and concepts and be inspired to work with us to create a better world. At Optimum Group™ Belona, we strive to balance environmental, economic and social issues in all our decisions. We are at the forefront of a better environment and actively committed to a sustainable future.

work with us

Work with us

towards a sustainable planet

For years, we have been at the forefront of our CSR policy and the development of sustainable products. Together with you, we accelerate sustainability. We demonstrate our social commitment at local, regional and national level. Locally, we support charities such as the charity run for Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Nationally, we are committed to nature conservation through Club Groeneveld, a network of progressive leaders of large organisations, and actively working for a better world for all.