Ravenwood Linerless Labels

Stand out and be environmentally conscious with carrier-free labels from Optimum Group™ Belona.

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These are Ravenwood Linerless Labels

Linerless labels are becoming increasingly popular and can now be found on a wide range of products. From fruit and vegetables to meat and fish. With these labels, you can have your product directly linerless and benefit from more labels on one roll, fewer roll changes and less waste.


Ravenwood Linerless Labels?

By applying directly to the product, no carrier paper is needed, avoiding waste and allowing up to 40% more labels to fit on a roll. With enough space for information on the labels, you can improve the visibility of your product while making its freshness visible to consumers.

  • Opt for a fresh look with linerless labels
  • Optimal labels for the food packaging industry
  • End long maintenance and downtime with Ravenwood NOBAC labelling machines
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Ravenwood linerless labels

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