Wash-off beer labels

Improve your recycling with washable beer labels from Optimum Group™ Belona. Our labels are the ideal solution for environmentally conscious companies focused on sustainability and resource conservation.

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The ideal label

Turn your beer label into an eye-catcher! Choose a sustainable alternative where you can reuse the bottles again and again. With our washable beer labels, you highlight your bottles and make your products circular. Our experienced team creates unique designs that make your beer bottles special. Convince yourself with a unique look and durable quality - let us design your label together.

There are also washable beer labels made from biodegradable materials, such as plant fibres or bamboo. These labels are not only easy to remove, but they are also more durable and eco-friendly than traditional labels.

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Washable Beer Labels

  • a sustainable labelling solution
  • available in many different materials and formats
  • for small and large runs
  • Belly, back or neck labels
  • Tailor-made for your business
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