Linerless labels

More sustainable labelling

Avoid unnecessary waste and choose our eco-friendly carrierless labels. Unlike traditional labels, they have no carrier material and can be applied directly to the product. Our carrierless labels are perfect for various applications and help prevent packaging waste.

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Extensive possibilities

Our carrierless labels are available in a wide range of options. You can choose between a permanent adhesive that ensures the label sticks firmly, or a removable and repositionable adhesive that is particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical industry. Our labels can be stuck on a wide range of materials, making them versatile.

There are many possibilities, but above all many advantages for both sustainability in the packaging chain and productivity in the labelling process. The production of linerless labels consumes 60% less material and leaves no residual waste after labelling.

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Attach your labels directly and without carrier material to the product, reducing waste and roll changes. Our linerless labels offer you more labels per roll and thus higher efficiency in your work process.

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The advantage of Linerless Labels

Carrierless labels offer not only an environmentally friendly solution, but also practical advantages for production. Compared to other labels, up to 40 per cent more can fit on a roll, resulting in fewer roll changes and less waste. You also save space and transport costs.

  • More space on the roll for more efficiency
  • No backing paper means no waste
  • Less waste for environmentally conscious production
  • Saves storage space and transport costs

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