Impress your customers at the supermarket with our innovative packaging solutions! We are experts in food-safe and eco-friendly labels that draw attention to your brand. Our portfolio covers a wide range of options, including our revolutionary carrierless labels. We guarantee not only correct labelling of your product according to BRC guidelines, but also durability and flexibility in all our packaging solutions.

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Solutions for Food

Do you want your meat products to stand out and grab the attention of customers in the supermarket? At Belona, we understand the meat sector's unique requirements when it comes to packaging. With our specialised knowledge in food-safe solutions, we offer innovative labels and Linerless labels that perfectly match your meat range. Whether it is artisanally prepared charcuterie, flavoursome poultry products or juicy steaks, we provide high-quality packaging solutions that meet the strictest quality standards. Our linerless labels and eco-friendly materials ensure accurate labelling and durability for your meat products.

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The fish industry requires specific packaging solutions that highlight the freshness and quality of fish products. At Belona, we understand these challenges and offer custom labelling solutions that make your fish range stand out. Whether you are packaging high-quality seafood, flavourful fish fillets or delicious canned fish, we have the right labels for your needs. Our fish labels are resistant to moisture and temperature fluctuations, keeping your products recognisable and properly identified at all times. With our innovative packaging solutions, you can rely on flawless presentation of your fish products in the supermarket.

At Belona, we know that fruit and vegetables deserve a colourful and healthy look on supermarket shelves. Our AGF (Potatoes, Vegetables and Fruit) packaging solutions are specifically designed to protect your fresh produce while reinforcing brand identity. From crisp vegetables to juicy fruit, we offer a wide range of labels and packaging solutions that meet the highest quality standards. Our carrierless labels give your AGF products a professional look and our durable materials ensure optimal protection. With Belona, you can count on packaging solutions that make your fruit and vegetables shine in the supermarket.

At Belona, we understand that every food product is unique and has its own story. Whether it is dairy products, freshly baked bread, delicious snacks or other food products, we offer customised packaging solutions that make your brand stand out. Our innovative labels help you differentiate your products and appeal to customers. Whether you want to communicate special claims, nutritional information or allergen information.