Digimarc labels

For your labels, choose unobtrusive yet meaningful information.

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What are Digimarc labels?

Enjoy the benefits of advanced technology in the world of labelling: Our Digimarc label incorporates an invisible barcode, but contains all the information of a conventional barcode and much more. With our label, you can share comprehensive recipes, promotions and tracking information. It is invisible, but says a lot.

Digimarc labels

The invisible code covers your packaging from top to bottom and allows efficient and fast scanning of your products. Damage does not affect the code, so your products can always be scanned correctly. Avoid unnecessary ink consumption and reduce waste with this innovative solution.

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Digimarc labels

  • The code can be scanned with a wide range of reading devices, such as smartphones and POS systems
  • Consumers scan the code via a free app on their smartphone
  • The item can be scanned from any angle
  • Reduce ink consumption and waste
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